Flashbang – Bang, Bang, You’re Read…!

Last year I entered the @flashbanggang flash fiction crime contest (run in conjunction with Crimefest) and was very pleased to be shortlisted for my piece ‘The boy who cried’.

This year, I was equally pleased when the long list was announced in title form only (as judges have to remain impartial) and I spotted my story title ‘Misunderstood’ in the 15 long listed entries.

Unfortunately, this time round that’s as far as I got, but it’s a great crime fiction challenge and my very best wishes to the short listed entrants for the final round.

And, for those who’re interested, here’s my entry:

He’d only stopped to help, picked her up because he was concerned. He’d bought her food because she was hungry, helped her because he was in mourning for his own child.
But they’d given him no time to explain that, not stopped to listen.
The phone call had been made, the girl was missing and then she was seen, in his car, with him. Then everything had spiralled out of control.
All he had wanted to do was to get the girl off the streets, make her safe, look after her – but they’d hunted him, chased him, not realising his loneliness, not knowing him – not really.
He stared through the steam that was rising from the mangled car bonnet, refusing to look over at her crushed body but knowing she was there, right beside him.

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