Tuesday Tales Flash Fiction

I was very pleased to get an Honourable Mention in this week’s #TuesdayTales competition run by glitterworld.wordpress.com and @LEJamez

The brief was a short 100 word maximum piece of flash fiction which had to include the word ‘birl’ within it.

The winner and the post are here.

And here’s my entry:

He hit the cap of the bottle, causing it to birl around in the centre of the table. It came to rest with the business end pointing right across at his kid brother – although nobody else in the room knew they were related. Not yet anyway.

‘Wassamatter?’ Jimmy questioned. ‘Don’t go keeping us waiting, Freddie, just take your piece and pop him. Right between the eyes – just like the kid last week.’

Freddie slowly raised his arm, trembling, sweat streaming down his forehead as his body began to tremble with horror, the pistol levelled at his brother’s face.




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