All the se7ens……..

Okay, well, thanks to @Lucaveste I’ve been tagged in this, so here goes nothing……

The rules are set as follows:

imagesGo to page 7 or 77 of your manuscript, count 7 lines down, and then post the next 7 lines. Then you tag 7 other people, so they can be included in the world of hurt posting a random extract of a WIP which is unedited.

So, before I spill mine, here are the magnificent se7en that I nominate:

@GrahamSmith1972 @SJIHolliday @RebeccaJBradley @nic_ford @LEJamez @rnmorris @VickyNewham 

And here’s my segment (from my YA novel ‘Open Wounds’):

“And then the sounds came, first the crackling of the fire, the rushing of smoke as the air within the room was replaced with dark clouds and then came the sound of splintering cracking glass.  She rolled her eyes to the right and stared at the shower door beside the bath as a thick splintered line raced up from the bottom corner to the top, smaller thinner cracks racing off in all directions as it moved upwards.  

Then , with a sudden loud crack, the glass panel imploded, showering glass fragments, large and small, down over the bathtub and Sophie lying within it. “



3 thoughts on “All the se7ens……..

    • Thanks Laura and Vicky – there will be more…in fact the more is already done and I’m thinking that ‘Open Wounds’ might be my first foray into YA as a kindle book soonish, thanks again for your comments 😉

  1. Wow! Very ominous. Lovely description of the heat and fire. Also, is Sophie half-dead at this point? Is her ‘stare’ the look a person gives when the light’s going out? More, More…

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