The first review….

Well, Deadline, my collection of seven short stories featuring DI George Haven, has been out on kindle for a little while now (unleashed on 19th December) and, whilst I’ve been very pleased to see a fair number of downloads occurring, that moment of awaiting any reviews to come in has been a bit of a worry.

And then, this morning, in a perfect start to the week, I received a tweet to let me know that the first review was in.

It’s a very nice one and a four star one, so here it is, and now I should get back to work….

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Set in south London, this is a collection of short stories which all feature DI Haven and his various sidekicks. Each story has quite a different feel to it but there is a general sense of darkness about them all and each reveals different aspects of the main protagonist’s character. I particularly liked The Scorched Man and Ten. There is no overall theme to the collection, but I suspect this is merely an introduction and that the author may have something more up his sleeve for this character. This is a quick read from an up and coming crime author – perfect coffee break reading for crime fans who like something new. Recommended.
And, Deadline is out there on amazon, if you want to give it a go, here’s the link.

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